A complete range of professional project estimating services, document control practices
MPS can assist in identifying ‘what matters’ and which elements are crucial to planning and costing a project.
MPS can help companies achieve and sustain a competitive advantage by keeping costs low
We aim to find top quality candidates for all levels of employment ranging from trainee positions to senior managers 

    Why choose us?

  • Fully qualified staff
  • Over 20 years in landscape and horticultural industry
  • Personal attention with care and understanding of client needs
  • Full network of trained professionals

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The Festival runs throughout the entire month of August and offers over forty seminars, events and networking opportunities for those seeking to start a business, grow their business or up-skill.

Visit http://enterprisegeelong.com.au/gsbf to find out more

Ten top project management for sustainability


Setting up a business, marketing, managing staff, events and workshops…